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We got a tender for supply agricultural machine to Tanzania

We have got a tender for supplying seed cleaner,seed treater to Tanzania goverment on June.For the electric lack of in
Africa ,we have matched diesel engine as power of our machine.after contract signed ,we supply machine in one month
and send goods to port .Our customers are very satisfied with the delivery time.
Seed cleaner with diesel engine 
seed cleaner grain cleaner,grain cleaning machine
Seed treater with diesel engine 
seed treaterseed coating machine
Seed cleaner loading photo 
seed cleaning machinegrain cleaning machine
Diesel engine loading photo 
the power of agricultural machinediesel engine to drive farm machine
Seed treater loading photo 
seed treaterseed coating machine
Delivery to port 
Zhengzhou aix machinery delivery photoagricultural machine of zhengzhou aix machinery
If you wanna get machine ,please contact us.
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